Your May 2022 Horoscope Predictions Are Here, and Mercury Retrograde Is Coming

Don’t forget to sign up to Allure’s daily newsletter to learn what else the stars have in store for your sign. When lover Venus enters its home sign of sensual Taurus on Saturday, May 28, all of the signs receive blessings in love. Of course, this looks different for everyone, depending on your sign and … Read more

How to Form a New Habit Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Regardless of our zodiac sign characteristics, most of our lives have been drastically changed since the COVID-19 pandemic began two years ago. While the world has continued the Great Reopening, many of us are still adjusting and cautiously. One thing seems to be true: whether you started working remotely or simply go out less, you’re … Read more

What the Spring Equinox 2022 Means for Your Zodiac Sign

Get ready for lovely sex, pastel makeup, and attracting money, because the spring equinox is coming. The spring equinox also called the vernal equinox, falls on Sunday, March 20 (or Monday, March 21, depending on your location). The spring equinox is when light and dark (day and night) are equal. As a result, it’s an … Read more