The Future of Bridal is Size Inclusive with Ivory&Main

Ever since seeing Cinderella’s fairy godmother “bippity, boopti, boo” a ballgown out of thin air, I’ve dreamt of my own magical fashion moment. Unfortunately my experience shopping for plus size clothing has left me desperate for some pixie dust. We need a fashion fairy godmother!  Meet Curinne Polizzi, plus size bridal expert, “Curvy Godmother” and … Read more

Cute Home Office Essentials

Let’s look at some home office essentials. After all, working from home is not always ideal. If not for the tempting bed that looks oh-so-nappable during work hours, then for the ease of getting lost in YouTube and TikTok videos, this setting can feel very boring and uninspiring. However, if you are the kind of … Read more