Marlon Vera Eats Steak to Cut Weight

Marlon Vera fights in one of the most competitive groups in all of combat sports. UFC’s bantamweight division features celebrated veterans like Frankie Edgar and Jose Aldo, the loudmouth Sean O’Malley, and a murderers’ row of rising talent, and the division has consistently provided some of the company’s most entertaining builds to top-notch bouts. But … Read more

How to Shower: 10 Rules for Better Showers

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The Best Short Shorts for Men Help You Get a Leg Up On Summer

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10 Best Treadmills For Every Type of Runner in 2022, From Affordable to Olympian-Worthy

It offers a wide 55″ belt, but is still a reasonably compact treadmill for the space-conscious. Another feature that’s appealing to renters with fussy neighbors is its quiet motor: Technogym claims that its treadmill runs around 60 decibels, somewhere between a refrigerator hum and a dishwasher (while other models from NordicTrack and the Peloton Tread … Read more

12 Best Hair Clippers for Men in 2021

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