Marlon Vera Eats Steak to Cut Weight

Marlon Vera fights in one of the most competitive groups in all of combat sports. UFC’s bantamweight division features celebrated veterans like Frankie Edgar and Jose Aldo, the loudmouth Sean O’Malley, and a murderers’ row of rising talent, and the division has consistently provided some of the company’s most entertaining builds to top-notch bouts. But … Read more

Why a New Smile Should Start with a Focus on Function

Pittsburgh cosmetic dentists Drs. Brian and Rob Klaich, DMD share a passion for excellence and a pinch for award-winning cosmetic dentistry. Throughout 17 years of practicing together, the brothers’ esthetic dentistry and smile makeovers have been nationally recognized by multiple institutions, laboratories, and publications. This requires having a sharp and talented esthetic eye, but they … Read more

The Future of Bridal is Size Inclusive with Ivory&Main

Ever since seeing Cinderella’s fairy godmother “bippity, boopti, boo” a ballgown out of thin air, I’ve dreamt of my own magical fashion moment. Unfortunately my experience shopping for plus size clothing has left me desperate for some pixie dust. We need a fashion fairy godmother!  Meet Curinne Polizzi, plus size bridal expert, “Curvy Godmother” and … Read more

How to Shower: 10 Rules for Better Showers

You might think you’ve got a pretty good handle on how to take a shower. You’ve got your 10,000 hours of scrubbing and reading the shampoo bottle. But just like Roger Federer has a coach giving him pointers on his forehand, and everyone could stand to improve their bathing routine. For instance: did you know … Read more

In 2022, It’s Still Impossibly Hard for Me to Be a Fat Content Creator Online

This is the reality for many fat content creators. “Over time, you develop a thick skin, and the comments start to affect you less and less — but it doesn’t stop them from coming in,” says Carina Shero, a plus-size content creator, model, and burlesque dancer who’s been active for nearly 16 years. She’s amassed … Read more

Celeb- and Doctor-Beloved Oxygenetix Just Launched a Concealer—Here’s Why You Need it

Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation ($66) has a cult following—and for good reason. From doctors to celebrities and everyone in between—this foundation is widely beloved for its beautiful, breathable formula that protects skin while evening tone. Cindy Crawford, Elle Macpherson, Kourtney Kardashian, and Margot Robbie are just a sampling of the stars that swear by this foundation. … Read more

Jeff Leatham on His ‘Most Personal Fragrance’ and His Melanie Griffith–Recommended Skin-Care Routine

Jeff Leatham is a man of many trades. He’s a well-renowned floral designer for the likes of the Kardashian clan, the artistic director of the Four Seasons and has helped develop a handful of entrancing scents, including a handful of KKW fragrances. Leatham is having a busy spring closing out his stunning Orchid Show at … Read more