Inside Miranda Kerr’s Nightly Wellness Routine

In our Summer 2019 issue of NewBeautyMiranda Kerr broke down her wellness musts, her healthy eating habits and how she stays balanced, and in a recent interview for Bustleshe further proves her devotion to health with some new practices.

“For me, words are so powerful, and I have quite a big toolbox of affirmations,” she says, adding one she keeps on repeat: “I am a being of light that is capable of infinite possibilities.” She’s also a fan of forgiveness affirmations. “Even forgiveness affirmations can create a lot of peace in your life—we are all human, and we might think something that is not a high vibration towards ourselves or others, and having that little ritual and peace-making is so important. I’ll do forgiveness while I’m brushing my teeth, or putting on my skin care to cleanse my skin and my spirit at the same time. I’ll say something like: ‘I forgive myself, and I forgive anyone that has upset me intentionally or unintentionally.’

To ensure she’s staying on top of her affirmations and her health, she keeps her (and her kids’) routine under a tight schedule. “My grandmother had four children and many many grandchildren and great grandchildren, and she taught me from a young age that routine is the most important thing for them, so that really stuck with me,” she tells Bustleadding that she finds consistency and moments for herself around that routine.

After her children go to sleep, she dims the lights, lights a non-toxic candle, takes a bath or does her skin-care routine. “Thats when I really lean into those products that are very soothing, and I feel as if they are giving back to me.” Then, it’s lights off as early as possible—the supermodel needs her beauty sleep.

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