Resell Your Gently Worn Plus Size Clothes and Earn Some Cash

Even though it may not feel it, but it is nearly spring and that means it is time for some good ol’ spring cleaning! This is a great time to clean out the clutter in our house because we can’t use the excuse of not being home enough.

Plus, you can earn a couple of bucks and resell your plus size secondhand clothes!

Also, with spring cleaning, comes new wardrobes… clear up your closet to make room for some new spring/summer plus size fashion pieces! And after the few years that we have had, there may be some of us in need of a DEEEEEP cleaning of our closets… Right?


How does a little plus size consignment or resell sound like, to you?

It’s always nice to do a bit of spring cleaning and let go of pieces that either are no longer your style, or you no longer have a need for. Plus you are doing a great thing for the environment by extending the life of your clothing!

Plus Size Resell or Consignment: Where To Sell Or Donate Your Plus Size Clothes

If you are a secondhand shopper like me, you know all too well the joy that is finding some gorgeous clothes for less than half the original price…. and in your size!

The Plus Bus Plus size consignment store Plus Size SecondHand Clothes resell
Via The Plus Bus

Give that gift to other beautiful plus size babes!

Plus Size SecondHand Clothes Curve Conscious Philly- Plus Size Consignment Boutique resell
via Curve Conscious

When it comes to quantity, the bigger resale sites are awesome for finding and selling your clothes with ease, but I encourage you to support smaller consignment shops like the ones in the list above, or even better… find one in your local area!

I am willing to bet you have an awesome secondhand shop that is looking to consign your clothes! And if you do not, we happen to know that more than a few of the plus size consignment locations do accept shipments! Yes, sending your items to them!

Just ask if they do… you never know!

What is your favorite place to resell your gently worn plus size clothes? We are always on the lookout for more places to amplify and support!

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